The main goal of this website is to keep the memory of Alice Miller (1923-2010), encourage further research on the roots of violence in childhood (Psychohistory / Psychosociology), and present her work in a small exhibition, the Alice Miller Peace Museum.

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The Alice Miller Peace Museum

There are already some Peace Museums worldwide, yet the focus on violence in childhood as a main factor for violent conflicts and war seems to be underrepresented.

Therefore a Peace Museum focusing on the work of Alice Miller and other authors dealing with the origins of war in childhood, like Lloyd DeMause, Arno Gruen, Sven Fuchs, Robin Grille, Herbert Renz-Polster, Henri Parens, is being prepared here in Austria.

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The Alice Miller Prize is a yearly award that is given to researchers, writers or journalists who relate to Alice Miller in their work and thus keep the memory of her important thoughts regarding the roots of violence in childhood.

And it can be given to nonprofit organisations taking action for the protection of children from violence.

The amount of money that can be granted varys. The board members of the Alice Miller Memorial Foundation receive recommendations - and pursue their own research among scientific papers published on the internet in the course of one year.

But you can also make a suggestion for the Alice Miller Prize 2018 by commenting below this post (comments will be reviewed - they require a Google account).

The SDG 16.2.

The Alice Miller Foundation of course has its focus on the SDG 16.2., namely the protection of children from Violence.